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About Global Real Estate Company, LLC.

Global Real Estate Company, LLC. was founded in 1970 and has become known as a respected leader in South Florida real estate.

Joel Greene, President of Condo Hotel Center, a Division of Global Real Estate Company

Joel is a graduate of the University of Florida and holds an active real estate broker's license. Following his well-respected father, Sheldon Greene, who had a successful run of over 50 years in real estate brokerage, Joel grew up learning about real estate and anticipating a career in the field.

In 1988 he joined his father’s firm, and Global Real Estate Company, Inc. operated as a father-son business until Sheldon’s passing in 2011.

Joel GreeneFor many years Joel specialized in the areas of commercial real estate, including the sale of hotels, apartment buildings and shopping strip centers.

In 2002 he recognized a developing real estate trend, that of condo hotels. He launched a new division of the firm called Condo Hotel Center and assumed the role of President.

Today, Condo Hotel Center is the unchallenged leader in the sale of condo hotel units throughout Florida and the nation.

Joel has been interviewed as an expert in the field of condo hotels by such notable publications as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNN/Money, USA Today, The Miami Herald, Florida Investor, The Miami Business Review and many more.

Joel is also the editor of Condo Hotel Center's popular Property Alert Newsletter which provides detailed information about condo hotel investment opportunities. Joel works with clients from all over the world, many of whom not only appreciate his knowledge of hospitality products but also his firsthand knowledge of real estate in South Florida where he has lived since age three.

Joel is a member of the Greater Miami & the Beaches Board of Realtors and previously served on the board's Grievance Committee and Professional Standards and Ethics Committee for nine years.

Joel knows North Miami well and has watched its revitalization. The office of Global Real Estate Company is located in North Miami so he considers this area his own stomping ground. He has also seen the city of Aventura become established and grow over the years.

"I remember when Aventura was nothing more than a shopping mall," he says. "Now it's an upscale residential community that offers its residents wonderful amenities and services in a fantastic setting. Frankly, it's the place-to-be for all South Florida up-and-comers."

Global Real Estate Company is located at 1368 NW 165th Ave., Pembroke Pines, Florida 33028 . For more information, contact Joel Greene at

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